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2023 events on their way out of the dust storm

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Inner Healing and Self Discovery Talk

Learn how to become aware of and heal your inner child wounds. Learn tools to see the truth of the situation: that we are all souls in human bodies projecting our wounds onto each other, while providing each other with opportunities for growth. Our responsibility is to heal those wounds and realign with our soul.

Madison Creel is a certified mystical therapist whose goal is to empower others to facilitate their own self realization and expansion.

2nd Annual Friend Speed Dating then Friendship Celebration

Open invite to everyone, but extra special invite to those who came to Burning Man by yourself. We wanna meet you! If one of your intentions for the burn is to open up and meet new people, this event is for you! No romantic expectations, just a way to connect with rad people and maybe make some new, lifelong friends!


Make Your Mark at Camp Exclamation Mark!

Get marked with our free Henna Tattoos plus Free Hats and Hat Decorating Art Workshop. How will you make your mark? Add some flava to yourself for the week!

Let’s get Digital!

Our events are based on gifting, radical inclusion, participation, and immediacy.

Events Before and During the Burn!

Virtually: Events Before the Burn

In spirit of the last two years of virtual burns, we really loved how people were able to build community online via zoom chats. To continue with that momentum, we hosted a weekly open discussion on Zoom each week for 10 weeks this Summer, each about each of the 10 Burning Man principles.

We promoted it to the community via Facebook groups, our personal social media outlets, and to our campers. This allowed us to educate our camp-mates on the principles, especially the first-timers, and provide a way for them to connect prior to arriving to Burning Man. We will also host an in-person meet up at our camp to encourage everyone who participated in our zoom chats to meet in person.


Click the button below for a description of each topic we will discussed along with great tips and tricks to get you not only prepped but psyched for the burn!

If you missed any of the zooms most are posted for your viewing pleasure or just to listen to podcast style.

Virtual Meet up Info

2023 events on their way out of the dust storm

Upcoming Events