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Non-Sexual Touch

August 28

event description camp !!!
Proposal for an event that would be a lecture/discussion/experiential event centering around nurturing human touch (platonic, non-sexual touch). This would probably take about 60-90 minutes.
Ask people to introduce themselves and answer an icebreaker question – describe a positive experience you’ve had with nurturing human touch. Either done in the one, large group, or if there are a bunch of people, breaking it into groups of four.
Why is touch so important (physiological and psychological benefits)
A few fun facts about human skin, human touch and oxytocin
What lack of touch will do to us (skin hunger)
Barriers to people getting as much touch as they want (technology, singlehood, business, mental health, pets, etc.)
Importance of consent when it comes to touch – everyone has different levels of comfort
People don’t know how to negotiate consent – exercises for doing so
Break into pairs or small groups
Practice asking for something/saying no
Practice tuning in to what you want
Practice choosing an option
Practice negotiating
Hands on exercises:
Hand caress (groups of 2)
Double foot rub (groups of 3)
Relax and refresh (groups of 2)
Circle of support (groups of 4-6)
Snuggle sandwich (groups of 4)
Go around the circle and have people give a word to describe their experiences. Ask if anyone has any questions. Say goodbye.
About the presenter:
Epiphany Jordan, MPH, is on a mission to rebrand human touch. She has been reading, writing and thinking about this topic for the past 10 years. She ran Karuna Sessions, a hands-on touch business in Austin, Texas, prior to the pandemic, and is the author of Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch. She just completed a master’s of Public Health from the University of South Florida (okay, I’ll have received my degree by the time I hit the playa), and wants to create public health programs that utilize human touch as a wellness practice.