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Burning Man Survival Guide: Nutrition Edition

August 28

karen hemmes
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[email protected]
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Please provide a summary of what your event will entail.:
Burning man survival guide nutrition edition. I will provide education on how to eat well and stay hydrated on the playa including discussions on different macro and micronutrients in foods and how they keep us hydrated and energized. Building healthy camping meals and recipe ideas. I want to have a food pantry so members have access to nutritious easy to make foods available during the week, likely mostly canned/boxed foods but healthier ones. I can show making meals using foods available in the food pantry so people can try them on their own. Maybe we can do a “food drive” and have members bring a bag of canned/non perishable foods to help fill the food pantry. Can also provide different spices/seasoning and general cooking items like oils and syrups. Have an aspect of cooking to leave no trace as well.
Please provide an example of what will be performed at your event.:
For camp members
10am-12pm – 30-45 minute talk about nutrition on the playa followed by cooking demo (recipes TBD)
provide snacks for around 30 people
Load and Tour the food pantry, have guests create recipes to post in/around the food pantry area
Play a game where everyone is an ingredient and people team up to create a recipe (maybe 5 people per recipe)
Please list any items or needs required in order to facilitate your event, and who will be responsible for these items.:
Shelving/cabinet for food pantry – I can provide
Food for food pantry – everyone contributes, bring 1 grocery bag of non perishable food to donate
Spices/seasoning/random- have a few designated people maybe 3 or 4 to bring these
Please list specific Day(s) (early / late in the week or no preference) and start/end times for your event.
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Early in the week, late morning/mid afternoon
Please include estimates for how many hours it will be happening if you don’t have exact times.:
2 hours for talk/demo .. food pantry will be week long until empty
Please include a title. If it requires detail, you can explain in the previous question (Interactivity Description).:
Electrolytes and explanations ? Working title
Please include the number of people who can participate in the activity.:
Camp members only for food pantry.. no limit to those who listen to my talk
Please list names of hosts and anyone other personnel needed for the event.:
Karen, 1 or 2 helpers
Can people still participate if they arrive late?:
Our Camp has limited tickets, and most event hosts with not be allocated tickets. The few that are will be put to vote by Camp Leaders, and to those that demonstrate the most unique interactivity.
If you are not awarded a ticket, would you still host your event at our camp?:
Please include anything else that would help ensure your event is a success.:
Still brainstorming ideas on meals and recipes.
It would be great to have some kind of coordination that all camp members bring the bag of food for the food pantry so we can actually fill it with food to share with everyone. Maybe we put half the food out the first half and the remainder the second half?
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