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Blacked Out Vampire & Goth Party

September 1

Sean rakidzich
Email address:
[email protected]
Phone Number:
Please provide a summary of what your event will entail.:
Daytime blackout rave, gothic theme, with free bloody marys and vampire themed performers
Please provide an example of what will be performed at your event.:
Friday at 1pm-4pm: Party with other creatures of the night in a blackout day rave. Vampire and gothic themed. Bloody Mary’s provided. DJ sets by: ________
Please list any items or needs required in order to facilitate your event, and who will be responsible for these items.:
DJs, Gogo dancers, vampire makeup artist, blackout shades, curtains, red lighting, Bloody Mary inventory, a bar, a few volunteer staff, sound system, gothic decor, clean up crew, setup and tear down down volunteers
The camp must come together for this complex event.
Please list specific Day(s) (early / late in the week or no preference) and start/end times for your event.
Please also let us know if you prefer / need Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Late Night.:
Friday at 1pm seems best
Please include estimates for how many hours it will be happening if you don’t have exact times.:
4 hours morning setup, 3 hour event, 3 hour tear down and clean up
Please include a title. If it requires detail, you can explain in the previous question (Interactivity Description).:
Gothic Day Rave
Please include the number of people who can participate in the activity.:
150 people or tent max capacity
Please list names of hosts and anyone other personnel needed for the event.:
Sean rakidzich, Vince do, Lars havens, and others that volunteer
Can people still participate if they arrive late?:
Our Camp has limited tickets, and most event hosts with not be allocated tickets. The few that are will be put to vote by Camp Leaders, and to those that demonstrate the most unique interactivity.
If you are not awarded a ticket, would you still host your event at our camp?:
Please include anything else that would help ensure your event is a success.:
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