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Authentic Relating Games Event

August 28

Hello Scott and Vincent,
Thank you for the inspiration and opportunity to bring Authentic Relating to Camp Exclamation Mark and Burning Man this year! I’m already enjoying putting together a theme and outline for the workshop. Here is the write-up and summary information I put together: 
Authentic Relating Games Event
Who ARE you? Yes, WHO are YOU? Embrace the complementary principles of Authentic Relating and Burning Man to take yourself on a journey of self-exploration and self-expression while deeply connecting with this beautiful community. This workshop aims to inspire your journey through a discussion of these principles followed by a series of “Authentic Relating Games” geared at connecting deeply with others while remaining in connection with your authentic self and present experience.
Workshop Outline
·       Introduction to Authentic Relating and the event theme (WHO are YOU?)
·       Discuss how Burning Man facilitates connection with our authentic selves
·       Key principals and agreements of Authentic Relating
·       Game 1 as a group, leading into Game 2
·       Game 2 in pairs, debrief afterward
·       Game 3 and debrief
·       BREAK
·       Game 4 and debrief
·       Game 5 and debrief
·       Closing discussion
Technical Details
·       Need a shaded space that can be somewhat closed off
·       I cannot allow new participants to join after the agreements
·       It would be a long, mid-day workshop early in the week
o   Duration of 3 hours in the late morning or afternoon
o   Maybe Monday around 1PM or Tuesday around 10AM
·       I will be looking for a co-lead who can help manage the space or provide example
*    The size restriction would be based on the space available – maybe 30?
Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else. 
Hope to see you in the dust!
[email protected]