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Last years digital meet up, stay tuned for the quicker version!


The 10 Principles of Synergy – Virtual to Reality Burn Open Discussion & Meetup – Remix

Which ones are most important to you? Which ones can you improve on?

How have they shaped your burn so far? The virtual burns inspired Camp Exclamation Mark! to host weekly Zoom meetings taking a deep-dive into each of the 10 Burning Man Principles. First timers welcome and special invite to the zoom participants to finally meet in person!

– no internet this time allowed. Be present!

“From VR to BRC (see) you there!”

Meeting ID: 354 945 4641

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Monday’s @6:00pm PDT – Starting June 6th – August 15th, 2022

Once a week

Invite your friends!

1) Radical Inclusion: “Get comfy and join hands” June 6th

Any personal stories you’d like to share? Let’s learn how to fill our cups so you can pour into others in need. What are we doing in our camps to include campers (events). How did you discover Burning Man? What brought you to Burning Man? Why did you choose to go when you did?

2) Gifting: “How to receive a gift – for dummies” June 13th

What is an acceptable gift at the burn? Well go over how it’s not about bartering. Its selflessly gifting and genuinely accepting gifts. What does that mean to you?

3) Decommodification: “Get over yourself” June 20th

This one all about no Branding – Let your guard down. Learn how to stop judging other people. Be more in the moment and let go of your preconceived thoughts.

4) ​​Radical Self-reliance: “Get your shit together” June 27th

Thrive in your environment, don’t let the environment thrive on you. Do you have THE packing list? If not, let us know, we can help you! What are some of your major packing list items, your must haves?

5) Radical Self-expression: Don’t overthink-Break your boundaries July 11th

Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know where it might take you. Love and let your inner freak flag fly.

6) Communal Effort: “Treat others as you would treat yourself” July 18th

Being LESS selfish, and more thoughtFUL. Want to know how to be more empathetic, more aware of your surroundings? If you see something that need to be done it’s your opportunity to contribute.

7) Civic Responsibility: “Strivin for good vibin” July 25th

How many of you have a leadership role in any realm of life? What are you doing to keep people safe? How are you staying informed?

8) Leaving No Trace: Pack it up, pack it in, don’t MOOP that’s a sin Aug 1st

Unpack what’s pre packaged when you’re packing. May be you and decorated a trash/ storage container?

9) Participation: “Taking the leap into life” August 8th

Are you a virgin burner? Take the first step and join the call! Read the Burning Man Rockstar guide: highlight what’s interesting to you. The how to of navigating the burn.

10) Immediacy: “First thought best thought” August 15th

Do now, not later. Stop second guessing and start trusting. Listen to your intuition.

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On Playa Meetups at 2:30 & C!


The 10 Principles of Synergy: Virtual to Reality Burn an Open Discussion & Meetup of the 10 Principles. On Wednesday (8/31/22)

Which principals do you resonate with most? How have they shaped your burn/ life so far? Let’s talk about it. The virtual burns inspired Camp Exclamation Mark to host weekly Zoom meetings taking a deep-dive into each of the 10 Burning Man Principles. Knowledgeable burners are welcome and a special invite to the burgins! Be present! From VR to BRC(see) you there!


Lessons Learned before The Burn + Walk with Camp Exclamation Mark! To The Man Burn. Join us on Saturday (9/3/22) at 2:30 & C!

Before the week is over, come enjoy free drinks and talk about how the principles have influenced/impacted your burn, any stories you care to share, and what you hope to bring back with you to the default world. All are invited, especially those who may want new friends to watch the burn with. Walk to and watch the Man Burn with our camp!